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In an increasingly globalized and competitive economy, the environment is changing ever faster (new consumer expectations, increasing social and environmental standards, etc.). The ability of companies to regularly renew and diversify their product and service portfolios while taking these changes into account enables them to offer a competitive offer. Pagamon helps companies achieve operational excellence in their development and innovation projects by implementing proven practices to stimulate creativity and innovation.


While industrial groups are competing in ingenuity to optimize their industrial performance, in terms of innovation, they have not yet found the ideal solution: their ability to overcome internal resistance and the cumbersome nature of organizations and processes to “generate” disruption remains to be demonstrated. Faced with this, attempts to integrate external innovations – venture capital, partnerships, open innovation – have not necessarily been more successful to date. What attitude should we adopt to maintain our technological lead in the face of budding start-ups and emerging players?

To resist and succeed in this context, industrial companies are questioning their organization, processes and culture, which have sometimes become too rigid, while at the same time putting user satisfaction at the heart of their strategy: who will tomorrow’s customers be? what will their uses be? how can they be offered an offering that is both differentiating and competitive? The stakes are high, because today more than ever: winner takes all…

We are convinced of the need to :

  • Put customer satisfaction and experience at the center of our organization and your R&D projects.
  • Steer projects through knowledge and not through resources
  • Break down silos and mobilize the whole company in innovation activities: since the probability of success of innovation projects is relatively low, they must involve and communicate all functions in order to maximize the understanding of the need, the capacity to generate new ideas and the anticipation of industrial and commercial risks.
  • Constantly adapt to the context: the development cycle for complex industrial products is long, and the Marketing and Development teams must communicate regularly to be able to integrate, at the right level of risk, the new constraints and opportunities that arise during development.
  • Regularly freeze the level of development: sharing and freezing technical choices at each milestone makes the development process more robust.
  • Anticipate risks: it is necessary to evaluate very early and regularly update the benefit-risk ratio for all innovations in the portfolio, and to know how to stop a project when this ratio becomes unfavorable.

Congratulations to the Pagamon team for its professionalism. Agile is a good fit for the way engineering works!

Director of engineering

Automotive industry

Our Solutions



  • Construction of a technological roadmap
  • Measuring the value associated with innovation
  • Innovation & Due Diligence
  • Emergence of innovation by stimulating creativity
  • Dissemination of innovation by “breaking out silos”



  • From functional design to technical design
  • Definition of development processes and project governance
  • Mastering development milestones and complex systems
  • Balancing project risks and technical risks

Operational Excellence


  • Alignment of engineering capabilities according to context
  • Optimization of the development and architecture process
  • Modular approach to design
  • Reduction of Time to Market
  • Elimination of defects in design and production
  • Change management in development and serial life
  • Reducing diversity and costs

Points of View

Engineering Design Process

Setting up an engineering design process: having a clear and shared approach is essential at the beginning of the pre-project phase

Reducing the lead time

Reducing the lead time of unstable industrial processes: a concerted upstream involvement  combined with classical lean

Mastering the industrialisation of an innovative production process

A structured collaborative approach to ensure quality and flexibility

New sources of growth

After-sales market: find new sources of growth based on a differentiated and accessible offering

Supporting innovation emergence

Support the innovation emergence through a structured, transversal and sustainable approach

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