PAGAMON, consulting... but in a different way

The Pagamon spirit is expressed through the values shared by its founders and consultants who live them every day in their missions. These values allow us to guarantee the right balance between added value for the client, the relevance of our offers, the development of our teams of consultants and our commitment to society.

Spirit of conquest

Promoting innovation, going off the beaten track, standing out from the obvious solutions to conquer or defend markets is at the very heart of our offer.
Pagamon values initiative. The consultants who join us are part of an entrepreneurial approach that encourages them to surpass themselves. This dynamism is reflected in their attitude towards clients, who are themselves motivated to achieve ambitious goals.

Respect for everyone – employees and customers alike

Unity is strength. Mutual support among consultants encourages the sharing of knowledge and strengthens cohesion within the group, and thus its effectiveness.
The same is true for the employees that our clients dedicate to the initiatives we support: positioned in a role that is recognized as difficult, they know they can count on the solidarity of our consultants with whom they work.


Pragmatism and not angelism: we commit ourselves jointly with our clients.
Excellence: our recommendations are based on the formulation of well-founded hypotheses and on rigorous analyses that feed a structured argument.
The performance achieved by the company must be sustainable, the main thing being to ensure the autonomy of our clients in relation to new operating models.


The difficulties to be overcome, for which companies ask us to assist them, often require an innovative approach to their problems, and therefore a systematic search for innovation in the recommendations and solutions proposed.


Like tightrope walkers, we place consultants in dynamic imbalance. This way, the consultants are able to face new situations and train the client teams to manage their own balance.


They imply a clear perception of who you really are. Pagamon consultants are respectful of the words and thoughts of each individual. They do not replace the company’s management, which remains the ultimate decision-maker and the only one who can claim success in its transformation. They co-construct approaches, methodologies and solutions with and for each client’s operational teams, in a continuous skills transfer process.

Societal commitment

Through our Observatory of Balanced OrganizationTM, we are committed to serving the players in the economy to support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth and to shed light on the challenges and best practices of any transformation. As a carrier of benevolent and general interest values, we aim to be a catalyst for concrete solutions for companies, in line with their environment (economic, social, societal and environmental).