Our values

PAGAMON’s spirit expresses through the shared values between its founders and all the collaborators who live them daily during their projects.

Conquest spirit

Promoting innovation, thinking outside the box, distancing themselves from obvious solutions to conquer or increase market shares is part of Pagamon’s offer.

Pagamon stimulates ​​initiative. Consultants who join PAGAMON fit into an entrepreneurial approach that promotes pushing their limits. This dynamism is reflected in the attitude towards clients, themselves motivated to achieve ambitious goals.

Team spirit

Unity is a strength. Mutual assistance between consultants facilitates knowledge and experience sharing, strengthen cohesion within the group, and then its efficiency.
It is the same with employees that our clients devote to initiatives that we support: positioned in a role recognized as difficult, they know they can count on the solidarity of consultants with whom they work.

Results oriented

Pragmatism not idealism. We commit ourselves jointly with the client.

Excellence: our recommendations are based on working hypotheses and rigorous analyzes that feed structured insights.

The performance achieved by the company must be sustainable, the essential element is to ensure our customers’ autonomy as regards new operating models.


The companies often require an innovative approach to the problem they have to face.


We place consultants in a dynamic loss of balance. Consultants are then hardened to cope with new situations and to lead clients to accept such an unbalance.


It requires a clear understanding of what we really are. Pagamon consultants are respectful of everyone’s thought. They do not replace the management of the company, which remains the ultimate decision-maker and the only one able to claim success.