About us

PAGAMON is a boutique Strategy and Organization consulting firm founded in 2013.

PAGAMON works on a long-term basis with industry players to help them structure their strategic vision, improve the operational performance of their businesses and sustain change in organizations.

PAGAMON’s portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of analysis and strategy development to help companies determine the best way forward with precision. Clients rely on PAGAMON to define solutions to their challenges in multiple areas.

We have conducted various consulting assignments with industrial leading companies, what allows PAGAMON to help its clients to preserve their competitive advantage by building value right from the upstream of the product life cycle.

Competitive companies, which have developed excellence in this area, master the engineering phases from conception to industrialization. It covers expertise such as innovation, product strategy, product offering, engineering and ramp up to production.

Mastery of innovation and excellent management of stages from development to industrialization make companies faster and more agile.

  • What product segmentation to build in order to fulfil the market needs?
  • How to stimulate greater creativity and innovation?
  • How to strengthen the operating modes within the development process?
  • How to develop concurrent engineering?
  • How to create more value during engineering phases, where flexibility still exists?

PAGAMON supports managers in structuring their strategic vision, improving operational performance and ensuring the continued existence of the change within their organization.

Consultants at PAGAMON support world-famous leading companies.

International project locations

Algeria: Algiers, Oran
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Austria: Vienna
Belgium: Brussels
Brazil: Sao Paulo
France: Many trips
Germany: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart
India: Mumbai
Italy: Parma, Rome
Japan: Yokohama
Morocco: Casablanca
Mexico: Chihuahua, Mexico
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Poland: Warsaw
Portugal: Lisbon
Romania: Bucharest, Pitesti
Russia: Moscow
Spain: Valladolid
Sweden: Solna, Stockholm
Switzerland: Lausanne
Thailand: Bangkok
Turkey: Istanbul
Ukraine: Kiev
United Kingdom: Edinburgh, London, Oxford
USA: Dallas