About us

Pagamon, strategy and transformation consulting

Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operational model and drive change to support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth.

As a committed player, Pagamon leads the Observatory of the Balanced Organization™, articulated around a “think tank” and an annual survey (2023 edition in progress). In order to provide an innovative, sometimes offbeat, perspective on the strategic support of transformations to support the growth of companies.

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Our vision

To be the reference consulting firm in the sustainable support of the transformation of organizations

Our mission

Helping organizations transform their operating model in order to sustain their business model

Our commitment

To contribute to the professional development of our employees (“stewardship”) and to the development of our clients by seeking a sustainable balance of their main asset areas in the service of profitable, sustainable and responsible growth


Pagamon Offers strategy, Transformation and change management consulting services


Structure your vision and support your strategic projects.

Pagamon addresses 4 fields of expertise, from corporate to operational strategy:

  • Definition of the vision & scripting
  • Strategic planning
  • Modeling & business plans
  • Due diligence


    Implement balanced operational models that support your strategy.

    Through its Balance Pentagon, Pagamon helps you transform each of your 5 asset areas:

    • Customer Experience
    • Product and service offerings
    • HR Strategy & Employee Experience
    • Operational and support processes
    • Cross-platform data exploitation

    change management

    To manage, alongside you, the implementation of your transformation program.

    Pagamon addresses 3 fields of expertise, with the human being at the heart:

    • Human change management
    • Operational management
    • Economic management | ROI

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