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8 good reasons to join us at Pagamon

1. A young consulting firm

Pagamon is a young, dynamic, flexible consulting firm. Its structure facilitate communication with the managers and associates

2. Contribute to the internal development

At Pagamon, we put our trust in our team. It is deeply encouraged to take initiatives and implement new internal projects

3. Access to trainings

Our consultants get the possibility to obtain many certifications: Lean Six Sigma, Agile Methodology, Visual Basic, Design Sprint, …

4. Quick start

Whatever your grade, after an induction and adaptation time, all our new consultants are quickly leading a project

5. A great autonomy

Our structure allows proximity with our client, face to face interaction without any intermediary

6. Project after project

In order to be as efficient as possible and not overwhelmed, you will be in charge of one project after another


7. CAC 40 clients

Take the opportunity to work with multinationals listed on the CAC 40 stock exchange

8. Rise the top

Pagamon is the ideal framework for you to develop your skills and grow your potential in business consulting


A demanding process...


After a screening of your resume and cover letter we will invite the candidates whose applications have caught our attention.

4 interviews will allow us to determine if we both want to work together on the long term

To get a cross-functional view of our organisation, you will meet up with consultants of different grades.
Every interview lasts about an hour. We will discuss your hard skills as much as your soft skills, your professional ambition, our organization, your potential missions in the future. One part in every interview is dedicated to the assessment of your ability to solve complex problems through a Case study

As Pagamon works for multinationals operating around the world, you will be asked to demonstrate your English proficiency during the interviews. 

...made of 4 interviews

Your application retained our attention, you are thus invited to a first interview with a consultant.
For your second interview, you will meet a manager. If you have expressed a wish to specialize in a specific industry or if you have a certain interest/experience in a particular domain, you will meet a manager specialized in the latter.
General Director
If the previous interviews were conclusive you will be invited to a third interview with the General Director of Pagamon.
Finally, you will meet the President of Pagamon for a final interview. A few days after this interview you will receive our decision.

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