Working at Pagamon


Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operating model and drive change. To support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth.



As a Junior Consultant, the firm gives you a great deal of responsibility and autonomy on assignments from the start.

You can quickly apply your newly acquired skills in contact with the client. The latter shares the mission objectives with you and your role is to lead the work and produce the necessary deliverables. You are also able to prepare and facilitate simple meetings and bring good ideas to the group. You are in direct contact with the client. You become part of the team, your point of view counts! Our most experienced consultants will listen to you, share their experience and coach you on your assignments.

You have the opportunity to present your work to your colleagues as well as the new tools you have created or used on your missions. The experience acquired on your missions will allow you to become a Senior Consultant in 2-3 years.

SENIOR Consultant

You are now a seasoned consultant and have gained enough experience to prospect and participate in sales meetings with various clients. You are starting to interact with the middle / top management at the client.

You are able to identify problems, plan their resolution and conduct complex analyses. You start to identify development opportunities and participate with the project manager in the design of business proposals. Furthermore, you will learn to identify future opportunities and relaunch the client on new missions with your ideas and creativity.

The firm trusts you and counts on you to conduct interviews and find solutions to attract new candidates. The Partners will promote you to Manager 3 to 4 years later.


Your extensive experience allows you to specialize in one offer and to be in charge of a team of consultants that you lead on various engagements. You know how to guide them towards action and decision making. You are in direct contact with the clients of your consultants during sales meetings.

Thanks to your experience, you know how to take a step back from the missions in order to visualize the areas for improvement. You are able to manage difficult presentations, convince and guide the client at the top management level. You are a major player in the expansion of the firm by expanding its network, securing new contracts, and maintaining current relationships. You are a leader and bring new ideas to the firm.


You are an expert in one or more skills. You are close to the client at the top management level. You develop an environment conducive to teamwork on your missions and you now lead several teams of consultants. You manage your teams to achieve results that exceed the client’s expectations by using internal and external resources. You also play a key role in developing new markets for the firm. 

Within the firm, major decisions are made only with your approval. You are also there to integrate new consultants into the group and ensure that they thrive within our firm. Soon, you could be a Partner…


During your career at Pagamon, you will be encouraged to learn about various managerial and strategic issues that will enable you to improve your performance on assignment with our clients by providing an innovative solution.

Agile Approach

All our consultants have access to training in agile approaches, provided by the Global Knowledge organization.

Objective: to understand the Agile approach and the cultural break that it induces compared to the traditional methods of project management.

Following two two-day training sessions, each consultant validates his or her Agile project management skills by obtaining the SCRUM Master certification (Professional SCRUM Master – Level 1).


A two-day training course in public speaking will enable you to acquire practical tools for greater control and impact in your public speaking in professional situations.

The program includes diagnostics and concrete discovery of the technique (the three physical keys, the five points of support, the five categories of movement, the entrance to the stage, the breathing movement, the movement of thought).

Lean six sigma

With the Lean Six Sigma training, you will develop your ability to lead productivity improvement, lead time reduction and quality improvement projects.

At the end of the training, you will obtain the Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt certification.


Monthly meetings

At the end of each month, the entire Pagamon team meets to review the firm’s results for the month, current offers and the progress of current or future recruitments. It is also the time for some to propose their ideas, to present their mission and to share their experiences. This meeting often ends with a drink together!


Saint-Raphaël, Barcelona, Alsace, Corsica, Palma de Majorca, Marbella… Every year at the same period, the firm goes on a 3/4 days seminar with on the program: presentations of current projects, tools developed during the missions, reflections on the evolution of the firm, but also cultural visits and sports activities!

Pagamon Tennis club

The most athletic members of the firm meet on Monday evenings at 9pm to play together and train for the year’s events. Pagamon participates in the French mixed cup as well as in the men’s inter-company championships.

Events with our clients

Pagamon has a subscription to one of the PSG boxes to attend several games of the season and invite the firm’s clients. Privileged access to the hospitality area.