Framing of a "pure player" innovation approach


  • This leader in the distribution of DIY and decoration solutions is aiming for a strong development of its online product and solution sales in the paint market.
  • It wishes to question and realign its approach to “product, service and process” innovation in this market in order to help increase its online market share and support its strong growth in this segment (+30%).


  • Qualification of the review perimeter of the innovation approach: 1. strengthen the “core business” and 2. create new growth drivers.
  • Review of customer expectations on two main target personas.
  • Facilitation of a multi-trade workshop to identify innovation opportunities, the conditions for implementing new solutions, and any blocking points or areas of concern.
  • Definition of roadmaps by theme: products & services, operational model, processes…
  • Bringing in an external viewpoint to ensure that the roadmaps are realistic and evolving.
  • Challenge of the 3-year plan on trends, evolutions, uses, customer expectations, competition…
  • Contribution to a wider opening of innovation approaches in the minds of the employees involved.


  • Structuring of an open innovation approach, starting from customers’ and distributors’ expectations, and not from operational implementation constraints.
  • Definition of an innovation mantra on the paint market.
  • Reflection, identification and qualification of current and future initiatives.
  • Clarification of the positioning of the “pure player” entity on the paint market, in particular in terms of complementarity with the stores (“click & mortar” consistency).
  • Development of an implementation plan clarifying the expectations and achievable objectives.

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