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Changes in the organization have an impact on the people involved. The common mistake is to focus transformation efforts on the technical aspects to the detriment of the human aspects. Change management focuses its efforts on the resources to be considered, with the objective of overcoming the natural resistance to change. With its expertise in managing sometimes complex projects, Pagamon guides you during change management and supports your employees during transformations from their current environment to their target environment.


From the need to constitute a new organization to the allocation of resources, a move, the deployment of new processes to the integration of innovative technologies, the changes undergone by internal or external resources of a transforming ecosystem are numerous.

There are several pitfalls to avoid when making these changes:

  • A change not understood: this would generate a chaotic integration of the solution (s) provided
  • A change perceived by employees as a threat: this would lead to a rejection of the proposed solution (s)
  • A change perceived as a non-event: this would result in an insufficient integration effort which would destroy the expected benefits

Changes in organizational, hierarchical, workplace or technological benchmarks have a significant impact on the people concerned and it is therefore essential to detect and anticipate resistance with the objective of obtaining their support.

At Pagamon, we are convinced that change management must be:

  • integrated into the transformation plan,
  • made with method and pedagogy
  • based on upstream communication, transparency and accuracy of information to respond to any concerns and apprehensions, as well as to avoid harmful rumors.
  • participatory and collaborative by involving each of the employees involved, facilitating adoption

Lorsque la transformation digitale est effectuée correctement, c’est comme une chenille qui se transforme en papillon, mais lorsqu’elle est mal faite, tout ce que vous avez c’est une chenille vraiment rapide.

George Westerman

Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

Our Solutions



    • Definition of the change management strategy in link with with the target deployment plan
    • Identification of the levers, risks and brakes 
    • Consolidation of the mapping of populations
    • Driving the change management plan (ex: reporting, perception star, trial map…)



    • Definition of the communication strategy
    • Formalization of the key messages to be distributed by audience group
    • Identification of the most suitable communication media
    • Distribution of messages according to the state of the change 



    • Definition of the training strategy
    • Building the key modules per target
    • Identification of the facilitators
    • Providing and evaluating training

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