Pagamon becomes a partner of Yoobic, the leading solution for the transformation of FRONTLINE teams

As part of its development in the Retail and Services sector, Pagamon is now a Business Consulting Partner of Yoobic, vendor of a unique digital workplace that makes the work of frontline teams more engaging and productive by digitizing their tasks, their communication and their training.

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The retail sector in the broadest sense is facing multiple transformations. Regardless of their sector of activity, networked companies can no longer rely solely on digital or traditional methods to create brand preference, generate traffic at points of sale and develop loyalty.

Because, whatever the sector, the customer experience is even more important at the point of sale, when the customer is in direct contact with the brand. Whether this point of sale is a clothing store, a bank branch, a car dealership, etc., frontline teams (sales consultants, merchandising managers, department heads, customer advisors, etc.) are the guarantors of the consistency and quality of this local customer experience. Every day, every networked company must inform, communicate, raise awareness and train its frontline teams on operational management procedures, new product and service ranges, new operating methods, etc.

Yoobic is the editor of a unique digital platform that makes the work of frontline teams more engaging and productive, by digitizing their tasks, communication and training. As Pierre Kalfon, Partner at Pagamon, explains, “Every network business transformation program systematically includes an assessment of the role of the field in promoting a seamless customer experience, in support of sustainable, profitable and responsible growth. Every transformation is first and foremost about the men and women who are involved, committed and supported in their daily efforts to ensure an optimal sales and operational customer experience. Yoobic supports these transformations by enabling networked companies to stay connected with their frontline teams, and simplify their daily missions.”

Banks, insurers, retailers, car manufacturers… all have a common issue in their transformation program: how to involve the frontline teams to relay their customer policy and ensure a strong homogeneity of the customer experience in physical contact points?

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Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operational and/or digital model, and drive change. To support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth. As a committed player, Pagamon leads the Observatory of the Balanced Organization™, articulated around a "think tank" and an annual survey. In order to provide an innovative, sometimes offbeat, perspective on the strategic and operational implementation of transformations to support the growth of companies.