360° diagnosis – Real estate promotion and leisure

Project outline

  • A real Estate Department only involved on 3 out of  the 70  leisure activity locations, with a profitability under top management objectives and expectations

  • Will to assess market potential, product attractiveness, conditions of return to profitability and relevancy to integrate real estate promotion activity within  future locations opening


Project approach

  • Market analysis, Competition analysis, Customer and prospect diagnosis: Persona, Purchase key factors, image, reputation

  • Profitability analysis via past and current programs -Positioning for the product pricing offer – Sales and Marketing performance analysis

  • Organization analysis: Team size and skills Processes and tools



Operational recommendations & strategic positioning proposition

  • Short-term: optimization levers to activate within 3 months

  • Mid-/Long-term:
    – Conditions for model perpetuation / Scalability
    – Scenarios building
    – Draft for a 3-year plan

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