Support for managing the integration of the subcontracting of a commercial organization


  • The company is integrating the outsourced commercial organization of its Japanese encephalitis vaccine (JEV): the additional commercial margin stake is several tens of millions of euros per year.
  • This transfer requires setting up commercial operations in 21 countries and markets – by creating subsidiaries or signing agreements with distributors – and the associated supply chain.
  • The challenge is also to make a successful transition with the current distributor (a multinational): transfer of pharmaceutical responsibility and stocks, modification of packaging, continuity of supply to the markets…
  • The client requires support for the management of this transformation project: PMO in support of the internal project manager.


  • Structuring of four projects:
    • Commercial (marketing, sales, distribution).
    • Compliance (quality assurance, regulatory affairs).
    • Supply (S&OP | MPS, supply chain).
    • PMO | Legal (project management, legal and finance).
  • Planning of the “Build” and “Transfer” phases (prior to the “Run”) and definition of the management charts by country.
  • Mobilization of contributors, monitoring of milestones and deliverables, coordination of transversal actions.
  • Preparation and follow-up of internal Steering Committees and joint Steering Committees with the current distributor.


  • Program plan and site charter: objectives, activities, deliverables, and schedule.
  • Overall and per country program dashboard.
  • PMO of the transfer program for the first five months (T0 = termination of the current global contract).
  • Over one year, JEV sales have doubled and, excluding exceptional items, the company’s EBITDA has increased by around 10 million euros.

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