Pagamon assisted the biotech on due diligences for the purchase of two vaccines

Project outline

The goal of the mission is to refine the forecast of the business plan on two main aspects:

  1. Marketing & Sales : markets and sales forecast , M&S organization, M&S cost
  2. Manufacturing / QC : production transfers, CAPEX and COGS forecast

Project approach

  • Review of the sales forecast and review of the hypothesis
  • Documentary research, review of the data room
  • Draft of the industrial pattern
  • Realization of the transfer plans for fabrication and controls
  • Different stages : partial then full transfer of the different stages of fabrication and controls
  • Activities : construction, facilities validation, production transfer, number of batches to produce etc.,
  • Capex estimation, one-shot opex and delays needed
  • COGS estimation (per stage)
  • P&L and cash flow buyer impacts


  • Preliminary due diligence report comprising the acquisition options, detailing the most promising opportunity

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