Conduction of a due diligence for the acquisition of two vaccines by a biotech company

Project outline

The goal of the mission is to refine the forecast of the business plan on two main aspects:

  1. Marketing & Sales : markets and sales forecast , M&S organization, M&S cost
  2. Manufacturing / QC : production transfers, CAPEX and COGS forecast

Project approach

  • Review of the sales forecast and review of the hypothesis
  • Documentary research, review of the data room
  • Draft of the industrial pattern
  • Realization of the transfer plans for fabrication and controls
  • Different stages : partial then full transfer of the different stages of fabrication and controls
  • Activities : construction, facilities validation, production transfer, number of batches to produce etc.,
  • Capex estimation, one-shot opex and delays needed
  • COGS estimation (per stage)
  • P&L and cash flow buyer impacts


  • Preliminary due diligence report comprising the acquisition options, detailing the most promising opportunity

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