Framing of Digital HR and Reporting projects to be included in next year's budget

Project outline

  • The HR strategic axis have been defined as follows: “Recruitment”, “Foster Loyalty”, “Learning & Development”, “Management & HR Rituals”. The various projects carried out by Digital HR are in line with these strategic axis.
  • The “Digital HR” budget for the following year is to be finalized in September of the current year. Several digital HR and reporting projects have been identified a priori for inclusion in the submitted budget proposal.
  • The “Digital HR” department asks Pagamon for support in formalizing and documenting projects to be presented to the budget, as well as formulating budgetary hypotheses to be submitted to the ExCom.

Project approach

  • Creation of standard project sheets and interviews with the various stakeholders to complete the sheets (project description and needs, assessment of the contribution [which strategic axis? which added value?…), project feasibility (impact, risk, schedule, internal mobilization, CapEx/OpEx…).
  • List of projects to be arbitrated and collection of the needs of the HR Directors of the different BUs (interest for the project and order of prioritization).
  • Construction of a contribution score (taking into account 3 weighted criteria) and a feasibility score (taking into account 6 weighted criteria) for each project and prioritization matrix.
  • Formulation of budgetary assumptions and associated roadmaps.
  • Construction of the Digital HR team’s workload plan.


  • Framing of projects and new methodology provided to the team for the arbitration of projects – synthesis of the different projects and hypothesis.
  • Table to help formalize 4 budgetary hypothesis and automation of the roadmap according to the selected projects.
  • Automation of the Digital HR workload plan according to the selected projects (to identify risks of overload, bandwidth adjustment, etc.).

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