As part of its 3-year strategic planning exercise (2024-2026), this leading manufacturer of electrical equipment is considering the contribution of a “customer-centric” strategy to its two core businesses.

  • This manufacturer is facing severe tensions on its supplies, generating major challenges for its ability to meet delivery deadlines.
  • At the same time, this player is planning to expand into new professional market segments, requiring it to offer “ad hoc” solutions (rather than marketing products) with larger players.
  • This player also operates in intermediary markets, where installers, both large and small, are both users and prescribers of its product and service offerings.

Faced with this situation, it called on Pagamon to help it frame its “customer-centric” strategy to support the development of its business lines in a B2B2B context.


Based on the “Value Disciplines” model (The discipline of market leaders, Michael Traecy and Fred Wieserma), Pagamon formalized a “customer centricity” strategy through 6 strategic framing workshops.

  • Definition of some forty discriminating criteria to qualify the manufacturer’s positioning according to the level of value placed on each market segment by its customer groups (buyers, users, prescribers, etc.).
  • Evaluation of the valuation levels of each customer segment on each criterion, to date and at the desired target in 2026 (what do we want our customers to value in 2026? which customer segments do we want to address in 2026?).
  • Assessment of the manufacturer’s operational performance on each of the selected criteria, by market segment and customer segment.
  • Formalization of a strategic positioning target (2026) by major customer and market segments, supporting a voluntary strategic approach.
  • Impact analysis on customer centricity strategy to date, and formalization of priority action areas to support business development in each market segment over the next 3 years.


Pagamon’s work, analysis and recommendations highlighted inconsistencies in positioning, and helped leaders (responsible for market segments) to focus their investment decisions on “customer centricity” initiatives, in support of ambitious sales growth and market penetration targets. This strategic planning exercise highlighted the need to clarify the customer segments to be addressed as a priority, and to clearly define the priority areas for improvement in relation to the segments to be addressed. A demanding exercise, the work carried out enabled our client to clarify a course to be maintained over the next 3 years in terms of the lines of force to be activated in order to deploy a differentiating, customer-oriented strategy across all activities in the manufacturer’s value chain.

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