Pagamon supports the transformation of the distribution network of a leading premium car manufacturer

Faced with leading players in the strategy and transformation consulting market, Pagamon’s experience, agility and ability to offer a hybrid support approach, combining operational consulting and “on-the-ground” coaching, convinced this Premium manufacturer to choose Pagamon as its partner for the next two years.

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This Premium car manufacturer, leader on the national market, called on Pagamon to structure and support the implementation of the transformation program of its dealer network. With ambitious objectives for developing sales volumes (new and used cars, after-sales and services), switching to a 100% electric “product plan” and using digital technologies to serve dealers, this manufacturer wants to help its network to be ready for 2026.

Pagamon has thus designed a transformation program based on a few fundamentals:

  • Co-design the transformation with and for the network, without imposing anything but by making it responsible;
  • Frame the program in homogeneous multi-region deployment waves;
  • Involve each transformation manager at his or her site, by supporting the change over the long term (18 months);
  • Set up a system of individual coaching by professional coaches, experts in the automotive distribution sector;
  • Frame the transformation plan according to a methodology of 1. self-diagnosis of each site, by the network itself, then 2. elaboration of transformation action plans scheduled in time and 3. follow-up of their implementation.

As Christophe Bildé, President and founder of Pagamon, explains, “our approach, which combines strategic consulting upstream, then support for change and accompaniment through monthly individual coaching sessions, makes it possible to involve every man and woman in the dealer network, and to be constantly attentive. This approach, which is innovative in the automotive sector, reflects the manufacturer’s policy towards its network: to co-construct without imposing anything, to support and help them gain maturity in the challenges of transformation.

At a time when the automotive sector is facing major structural changes, and at the end of the Covid-19 crisis, this program makes sense to achieve the ambitious objectives defined jointly between the manufacturer and its network.

This program is interesting for any organization facing the need to make its distribution network adhere to a transformation program, whether it is associated, franchised or integrated. If you would like to learn more about our approach to channel transformation in any industry, contact us!

Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operational and/or digital model, and drive change. To support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth. As a committed player, Pagamon leads the Observatory of the Balanced Organization™, articulated around a "think tank" and an annual survey. In order to provide an innovative, sometimes offbeat, perspective on the strategic and operational implementation of transformations to support the growth of companies.