Pagamon supported an automotive manufacturer to establish a new organization and new agile ways of working for its Marketing Department.

Project outline

  • Deploy and test a new organization and new ways of working within the Marketing Department and draw on best practices for other departments

Project approach

With a transformation team composed of facilitators and coaches:

  • Support marketing teams to establish and animate agile ceremonies
  • Help teams improve their Agile skills
  • Help teams to find ways of working adapted to their reality
  • Drive change
  • Support Product Owners and Domain Leaders in their new roles and in defining their vision
  • Onboard future internal facilitators


  • REX of the project for the transformation teams that will deploy the new organization and the new ways of working in other departments
  • New ways of working in place (iterations of 2 or 3 weeks, agile ceremonies, new roles)
  • Perpetuation of the transformation by identifying and training a long-term facilitator in each team

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