Development and deployment of digital solutions to support a Customer Experience transformation program


  • As part of a global customer experience transformation program, a tool was needed to verify that the actions decided at the subsidiary level were implemented in the dealerships.
  • These actions are different in each country and concern the customer experience.
  • Pagamon manages the development and deployment of a mobile application and a web platform to help monitor the deployment of the customer experience transformation program.


  • Writing the specifications for the mobile application for Android and iOS, as well as for the online web platform.
  • Managed the call for tenders and selected the supplier (developer), in agreement with the client.
  • Supervision of the development of the mobile application and the online platform using an Agile method by the supplier.
  • Management of the feedback and taking into account of the remarks of the three pilot countries testing the application as it is being developed in order to integrate the changes in an Agile way.
  • Testing of the application and the platform before going into production.
  • Organization of the deployment in about twenty countries and deployment in part in France with training.
  • Construction of evolution requests for future versions of the application and the online platform.


  • Mobile application for Android and iOS created and functional, deployed in about twenty countries, as well as the online platform.
  • Implementation of V2 of the application, taking into account feedback from countries.
  • Reporting of the results analyzed and used to drive new initiatives for the improvement of the customer experience.

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