Methodological support for the elaboration of a shared Data Science vision


  • The Biometrics and Data Science department has initiated a Smart Data approach and wishes to position itself as a visionary and driving force on Data Science subjects.
  • This department offers high value-added experts on R&I projects related to data manipulation and analysis tools via the development of algorithms or the use of market solutions and makes its Smart Data platform available.
  • The head of the Biometrics and Data Science department wants to convince the R&I departments of the benefits of a common strategy linked to the use of Data Science.
  • To do so, this manager asks Pagamon to provide him with methodological support for the development of a Data Science R&D vision.


  • Proposal of a structure for the Data Science Vision document.
  • Mapping of Data Science use cases and their benefits (internal and external benchmarks).
  • Organized awareness and prioritization workshops with the R&I Executive Committee.
  • Supported the drafting of the “Data Science Vision” document presenting the strategic development axes of the Data Science vision:
    • Use cases.
    • Organization.
    • Capabilities.
    • Culture.


  • Successful workshops for the R&I Executive Committee.
  • Start of a cross-divisional Data Science approach.
  • Deliverable “Data Science Vision”.

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