Creation of a fully digital private lease offer throughout Europe


  • The client wishes to develop an offer for its Private Lease service where the entire customer journey will be online in the main European countries.
  • This project involves the client’s main corporate and country managers.
  • Pagamon contributes to the coordination and animation of cross-functional workshops to design the offer around four working groups: offer proposal, customer journey, new organization and business plan.


  • Organization and facilitation of working groups: Pagamon helps the client to organize and facilitate the four working groups by reporting and analyzing the content and results of each session; Pagamon also helps the working groups to organize themselves in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • Feasibility analysis:
    • Between the working sessions and workshops, Pagamon carries out research and synthesis work to determine whether the proposed solutions are feasible within a very short timeframe.
    • The fully online customer journey allows us to identify two problems to be solved: how can the platform be both common and specific to all countries?
    • Finally, Pagamon assists the client in defining a new sales organization.
  • Market analysis and customer identification: Pagamon conducts extensive research and analysis to identify market opportunities and customer expectations; this analysis influences the direction of the project and helps accelerate the development of the offering.


  • Final document for the Board of Directors with the results obtained and Pagamon’s recommendations.
  • Successful coordination and facilitation of the four working groups.
  • Market research and customer analysis.
  • Organization and planning of the program implementation.

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