Pagamon celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Founded in 2013, Pagamon is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. 10 years during which our firm has not ceased to accompany its clients on their sustainable, responsible and profitable transformation programs.

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Pagamon has been supporting its private and public sector clients in their transformation programs for 10 years. Digitization, organizational changes, adaptation of operational processes and support functions, change management, etc. Whatever the initial situation, Pagamon has always been able to demonstrate its agility, ability to listen and inventiveness in adapting each recommendation to the specific context of its clients.

At Pagamon, our values drive us to innovate every day to serve a constantly changing economic world. Whether in terms of strategic support, operational and/or digital transformation, or the management of major transformation programs. We believe that each situation is unique, and deserves an appropriate, tailor-made support. With one constant: the search for a profitable, sustainable and responsible growth. By systematically putting people at the heart of each transformation!

For 10 years, we have been able to adapt to the changes in the ecosystem in which our own clients evolve: transition to new business models, adaptation to new client requirements, search for effectiveness and operational efficiency, digitalization, simplification of the daily work of employees… 10 years during which we have established numerous partnerships around professional coaching, quantitative and qualitative studies, IT performance… 10 years during which our consultants have systematically progressed in the service of clients in search of effectiveness and balance. Our Pentagon of Change model, based on the search for a balance between the 5 asset areas of each organization, has always been a “compass” which, as Christophe Bildé, President and founder of the firm, explains, “guides our development, our investments, the strengthening of the skills of our team of consultants, and the satisfaction of our clients every day”.

A big thank you to our customers who trust us. A big thank you to our consultants who, every day, demonstrate their commitment, innovation and rigor. Finally, a big thank you to our partners who help us to progress on a daily basis by challenging us and complementing our know-how.

If you would like to know more about our approach to business transformation and our vision of what a Balanced Enterprise is, contact us!

Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operational and/or digital model, and drive change. To support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth. As a committed player, Pagamon leads the Observatory of the Balanced Organization™, articulated around a "think tank" and an annual survey. In order to provide an innovative, sometimes offbeat, perspective on the strategic and operational implementation of transformations to support the growth of companies.