Observatory of the Balanced Organization: the 2022 survey is online!

Pagamon launches the 2022 edition of its annual Balanced Organization survey. In order to measure the level of maturity of organizations in terms of development strategy and sustainable transformation in each of their asset areas. And to enlighten the market on current trends in this post-Covid-19 period.

Answer the 2022 survey (French version)
At Pagamon, we approach each organizational transformation in a unique way. Even if we capitalize on our sectoral and functional expertise, the market, the economic and operational context, the strategic challenges and the values are specific to each organization.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that any organization that wants to grow profitably, sustainably and responsibly must find the right balance in the investments (both human and financial) that it allocates to each of its key asset areas: offerings, people, processes and know-how, data and customers.

Because an organization that ensures a fair balance of investments between all its asset areas is more resistant and resilient in the face of exogenous shocks (health crisis, digital disruption…) or endogenous shocks (new ways of working and collaborating, questioning its “raison d’être”…).

This is why we have launched the 2022 edition of our annual survey 24 months after the beginning of the health crisis. In order to better understand how organizations, both private and public, have adapted to a new and profoundly changing environment.

How have their investments evolved? What were their top priorities? Which asset areas received their attention? Did they focus on one or two areas, or did they strike a balance between customers, people, offerings, data and processes?

To find out, take our survey now to help inform our analysis and your market.

To find out, take our survey now to help inform our analysis and your market (French version only).

The results will be presented at an event to which we will be pleased to invite you.


Pagamon is a strategy and transformation consulting firm founded in 2013. We support major players in the industry, services and life sciences sectors in their search for balance. Helping them structure their strategic vision, transform their operational and/or digital model, and drive change. To support profitable, sustainable and responsible growth. As a committed player, Pagamon leads the Observatory of the Balanced Organization™, articulated around a "think tank" and an annual survey. In order to provide an innovative, sometimes offbeat, perspective on the strategic and operational implementation of transformations to support the growth of companies.