Pagamon managed the development and the deployment of a mobile app and an online platform to contribute to the follow-up of the CX program deployment in the Automotive sector

Project outline

In the frame of the C@RE 2.0 program for customer experience transformation it was necessary to build a tool to verify that actions taken at the subsidiary level  are really deployed in dealerships. Those actions are different for each country and base don customer experience


Project approach

  • Build of specifications for the mobile app for Android and iOS, such as the online platform
  • Management of the bid solicitation and supplier choice (=developer) in line with customer ideas
  • Supervision of the mobile app and online platform development following an agile method with the supplier
  • Management of feedback from 3 pilot countries testing the app progressively during app and online platform development for change integration with an agile way
  • App and online platform tests before the production launch
  • Roll-out organization in more than 20 countries; partial deployment in France with trainings
  • Building of change requests for future app and online platform versioning



  • Mobile app for android and iOS built and workable, deployed in more than 20 countries; such as sur online platform
  • Version 2 of the app, taking into account countries’ feedback, already deployed
  • Reporting of analyzed results used to conduct new initiatives for the customer experience improvement
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