StratEGY & Due diligence

It might be difficult to take a critical look and take a step back from your business, vision and strategy. This is why it is useful to be accompanied in your strategic choices. Pagamon helps you, through the identification of opportunities and risks, to position yourself strategically in a changing context.


How can we situate ourselves in a world in perpetual motion? The acceleration of product and financial flows, market trends, technological upheaval and climate change are forcing managers to constantly question their chosen trajectory.
What is the best way to keep pace with these developments and trends? Is it sufficiently robust? Is it sustainable?

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the flow of funds, particularly the digital transformation, but it has also revealed the weaknesses of certain strategic choices or slow transformations.

Pagamon helps managers to build and adapt their company’s strategy. Our consultants work jointly with the members of the management board to draw the best possible directions to follow.
We intervene in particular on:
• Strategic planning with a 3-5 year horizon
• Strategic diagnosis
• Due diligence operations


Lorsque la transformation digitale est effectuée correctement, c’est comme une chenille qui se transforme en papillon, mais lorsqu’elle est mal faite, tout ce que vous avez c’est une chenille vraiment rapide.

George Westerman

Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

Our Solutions

Strategic Diagnosis


  • Strategic Diagnosis
  • Relevance of strategic choices : Business Model , product portfolio, operations, etc.
  • Internal / External Diagnosis : SWOT
  • Diagnosis of skills
  • Financial Modeling

Strategic Planning


  • 3-5 Year Strategic and operational plan
  • Market trends
  • Competitive studies
  • Development scenarios: activities, positioning, acquisitions, partnerships, etc.
  • Organizational chart, 

Due Diligence


  • Evaluation of bases, assumptions of business plans, construction of financial models
  • Strategic audits in the context of acquisitions or external growth operations
  • Evaluation of revenue growth opportunities, market valuation
  • Evaluation of cost reduction and synergy opportunities
  • Estimation of the impact on the company’s value
  • Post Merger Integration, organizational impact study. Construction of a clear post-acquisition roadmap

Points of View

Profitability plan

Generating breakthroughs able to galvanize a cost reduction program

Operational due diligence

Driving an operational due diligence: experience of the business’ industry and due diligence process are essential

Employee Skills

How to align employees’ skills with company’s strategic objectives? 


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