Methodological support for the elaboration of a business model for the Biometrics department

Project outline

  •  The Biometrics department of the “Dairy” division has initiated a smart data approach and wishes to offer its services to all Research & Innovation (R&I) departments.
  • This service offers high added value experts on R&I projects related to the manipulation of Data and analysis tools through the development of algorithms or the use of market solutions, and provides its Smart Data platform
  • The head of the Biometrics department now wishes to convince the R&I departments of the benefits of the services provided by his department.
  • For this, this manager asked Pagamon to provide him with methodological support for the development of a Business Model


Project approach

  • Proposal and explanation of the Canvas method to define the new Business Model
  • Organization of workshops to:
    – identify its service offerings, its ecosystem, its skills needs and the department’s partners
    – define its new financial model and the new organization of this department
  • Identification of the transformation plan to achieve its objectives



    • Workshops conducted with members of the department, successfully facilitated
    • Deliverable of the Biometrics Business Model
    • Deliverable of the transformation plan




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