Evaluation of vaccine activities for a potential acquisition

Project outline

  • The client is a public listed biotech company. He wishes to acquire certain activities in vaccines
  • The client needs a consulting support to realize a first assessment of the targeted activities

Project approach

  • Search for qualitative and quantitative information on the targeted vaccines for 5 antigens
  • Development of sales forecast models over the next 10 years (volume, value, price), including long-term trends
  • Insiders interviews for gathering qualitative and quantitative data validating our models and assumptions
  • Costs estimates: COGS, M&S, A&P, PV, RA, Medical affaires, Supply Chain/Distribution/Customer service costs
  • Calculation of NPV and the residual value for each product for the next 20 years
  • Acquisition or distribution recommendations covering products


  • Recommendations for the Executive Committee regarding acquisitions
  • Evaluation report for each opportunity: preparatory work to term sheets raising
  • P&L model for each product

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