Paris (France), 10 August 2020

Press release

Pagamon goes into partnership with K-Mino, specialist of data  and semantic analysis

Pagamon, a consulting firm specializing in strategy and organization, and K-mino, a firm specializing in semantic data analysis and the provision of machine learning tools for business experts, today announced a commercial partnership.

Christophe Bildé, President of Pagamon said: “Thanks to this partnership, through the analysis of customer behaviors, opinions and intentions, we are able to better target their expectations and achieve more personalization”.

Through this partnership, Pagamon will bring its mastery of marketing concepts, an expertise in structuring customer journey and a team experienced in coaching methods and workshop facilitation. Pagamon will also bring to its partner its mastery of multinational projects, including marketing and customer experience redesign projects in world-class companies (leader in automotive, luxury, tourist accommodation…) as well as its strong experience in change management in complex environments.

K-Mino will bring its recognized expertise in data analysis, segmentation techniques, leveraging modeling and analysis, geomarketing and spatial modeling. In addition, its partnerships with institutes and industrials on different types of tools (semantic, statistical, geographic …), as well as its experience in joint research work with the Cevipof, CNRS … will be assets for the customers of both firms.

About Pagamon
Pagamon is a consulting boutique in Strategy and Organization founded in 2013.
Pagamon works over the long term with industry players to help them structure their strategic vision, improve their company’s operational performance and sustain change in organizations.
Pagamon focuses its consulting activity upstream of the value chain. Drawing on the experience acquired through numerous consulting assignments carried out within leading industrial companies, the firm enables its clients to preserve their competitive advantage by creating value upstream of the product and service life cycle.

About K-mino
K-mino is a company, founded in 2016, specialized in the analysis of semantic data and the provision of machine learning tools for business experts.
The company has developed an expert and ergonomic analysis tool called K-mino.

Contacts Pagamon
Christophe Bildé, President
+33(0) 1 42 99 94 67

Contacts K-Mino
Régis Benichou, President

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