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Digital is increasingly establishing itself as a performance and competitiveness lever for companies (new business models, new sales channels, better engagement and better customer loyalty, automation, dematerialization).
Pagamon supports you to ensure the success of your digital transformation.


Companies operate in an environment that always requires more adaptation (to customer expectations, to technology). Technological innovation contributing to the dynamism of this environment is at the same time a source of opportunities for companies. It is an important lever towards new business models, new sales channels, better engagement and better customer loyalty. Digital technologies also allow companies to improve their operational performance, particularly through automation and dematerialization.

Taking these challenges into account, many companies from all sectors have already embarked on a digital transformation.

We are convinced that the key to a successful digital transformation is the capability to integrate technologies in the service of business performance, or even in the service of new activities as well as the capability to get these technologies adopted. To do this, there are 3 major axes to address:

  • Digital tools and technologies: Which technology for which use case?
  • Processes and organization: What organizational model for an effective transformation? How to modify business processes to optimize the contribution of digital?
  • Employees and digital culture: How to involve employees in the transformation?

For each of these axes, it is necessary to support the digital transformation on 4 themes

  • Operational efficiency
  • Importance of data
  • Empowerment of employees
  • Business / IT interaction


The human and listening skills of Pagamon consultants make them very good partners in supporting the digital transformation of a field as complex as the automotive industry. Well-versed in business issues, they adapt quickly and know how to question some of our usual practices. I salute the ability to summarize and the quality of the deliverables of the consultants for their entire service.

Manufacturing Digital Officer

Industry 4.0, Car Manufacturer

Our Solutions



  • Vision, Target and Challenges of Digital
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Objectives and Digital Performance

DATA Strategy


  • Vision, Target and Challenges of Data
  • Governance and management
  • “Big Data” and analysis

Project Management


  • Digital Transformation Programs
  • Management of digital portfolios
  • Mutualization and industrialization of initiatives

Points of View

InDustry 4.0

The ambition of 4.0 is to make the plant efficient thanks to digital and data processing without forgetting to adapt to societal trends.



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