In the digital age, promoting a brand’s products and services through its digital channels is now essential to ensure its sustainability. To ensure the success of your digital marketing projects, Pagamon supports you in achieving your online customer satisfaction goals and improving your digital performance.


Consumers today are exposed to an increasing amount of information and advertising. The media mix has grown to capture maximum attention and digital investments are on the rise. Being the reference on search engines and specialized sites is key. The other sources of traffic are perhaps less engaging but their impact should not be neglected, each channel has its role to play. We must therefore find the media combination that allows the best efficiency.

Once the attention is captured, it’s about creating consumer engagement and instilling preference. For this, it is important to tell a story and provoke emotion. Social networks should be used to create solid links with its online community, which becomes a brand ambassador. On the website, the objective is to create a differentiating user experience, to offer inspiring content. Obviously, there is a need to offer online services that perfectly reflect the identity of the brand. The online experience must necessarily be consistent with what could be experienced in the store.

In order to encourage conversion, this experience must be optimized and perfectly match the expectations of the moment and the user’s profile. Purchasing journeys are complex, users visit their favorite sites via multiple screens … All channels and devices must be used to send the right information at the right time to facilitate the conversion. Of course, the mobile must be a strong axis – the content must be adapted to this device that generates strong traffic. Also, this experience must be pleasant, fluid and necessarily personalized to maximize the conversion. It can be based on technological innovations and be augmented. All avenues are to be explored in order to create a differentiating and innovative experience. 

To succeed in your project, we are convinced of the importance of a data-driven strategy and of placing the customer at the heart of the project. We suggest to:

  • Start from the existing and let the data speak, via a diagnosis of the customer / user journey
  • From the client
  • Define your ambition, objectives and resources
  • Advocate agility and test & learn

I hope to work again in the future with the consultant who participated in the mission. I really appreciated her work and her personality and I wish she could have continued. She is a very good asset, I was impressed by her ability to integrate so quickly the different aspects of this complex mission, as well as the different issues at stake. Her work is high quality, fast, precise and punctual.


Automotive industry

Our Solutions


    • Analysis of the user/customer path, general KPIs, page analysis, conversion tunnel analysis, etc.
    • Benchmark
    • User/Customer Journey Mapping
    • Identification of friction points and optimization paths (incl. personalization, digitization of the customer’s path…)



    • Definition of objectives and list of actions (e.g A/B tests, personalization actions, implementation of digital tools…) in order to optimize the conversion rate, performance, customer experience…
    • Recommendations/Definition of an action plan and roadmap
    • Implementation management of actions/solutions
    • Performance measurement and communication of best practices

    Points of View

    Customer experience - Connected stadium

    Offer your customers an experience they will talk about afterwards

    ChOose and deploy a crm tool

    CRM tools play a very important role throughout the customer journey and are designed to make an offer known on the market, identify interested prospects and qualify them.

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