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The virtues of agility are increasingly recognized, in all fields and at all levels. However, moving to an agile organizational model is a tricky journey, especially for traditional businesses. Based on recent successes in the automotive and pharmaceutical industry, Pagamon guarantees you full support in your agile transformation at scale, from strategic framing to operational deployment.


We live in a world where customer needs are changing faster than ever. Traditional organizations have over-rationalized their growth by managing activities in a very directive and controlled manner, by optimizing skills and costs in an increasingly compartmentalized way. To remedy this, agility makes it possible to adapt the overall strategic vision and to empower employees by structuring a network of small cross-functional teams that bring added value to customers by working in short iterative loops. The key success factor for the agile mindset is to successfully put the customer at the heart of decisions, as close as possible to the teams.

Although agility has now proven its benefits across all industries, we know from experience that agile transformations are difficult to implement. Furthermore, despite many models described in the literature, none are universal. This is why, at Pagamon we help companies develop their own version of agility while preserving operations and strengthening the development of new products or services.

We ensure the success of your agile transformation by focusing on 4 essential themes:

  • Culture: an agile transformation is above all a very profound change of mindset that must be supported
    Customer value: prioritization based on customer needs is the guiding principle when defining the agile organization
  • Leadership: it is essential to instill principles of accountability and the right to make mistakes at all levels of management, without strong leadership from leaders, the transition to agile will not be possible
  • Continuous improvement: Success should be measured on an appropriate timescale, we recommend a phased approach where several pilots are started beforehand to gradually refine successive waves of scaling.

To feed these themes and adapt them as best as possible to your context, Pagamon supports you in setting up several organizational levers and adopting new working methods:

    • Agile governance to promote decision-making
    • Risk management for greater transparency and responsiveness to changes
    • Co-location of employees on common platforms to accentuate daily exchanges
    • A clear roadmap to train actors in new agile roles
    • Planning of tasks prioritized by value and circulating within the team network
    • A measure of team performance highlighting collective successes
    • A change in the ways of working with suppliers by integrating them more into projects
    • Help in setting up technological tools to speed up continuous processes

It was a real pleasure to work with Pagamon, their support in the agile transformation of the group’s engineering was a total success. The human dimension and the great know-how of the teams, both in terms of deliverables and in driving the new vision, have enabled Pagamon to position itself as a pillar of the transformation of the development of new vehicles

Chief Transformation Officer

Vehicle Development, Car Manufacturer

Our Solutions

Pagamon helps you accelerate your agile transformation at the right pace. We operate at all levels, depending on your needs, from the small pilot team to agility across the entire organization.



    • Definition of the product vision (OKR workshops, Team canvas, Customer needs, etc.)
    • Co-Construction of backlog and visual management (identification of value chain, prioritization, etc. )
    • Support of the team in new practices (training, follow-up, etc.)
    • Support for mind change (coaching, workshops, etc.)



    • Scope definition and progressive transformation roadmap
    • Definition of a target and scalable operational model
    • Operationalization and test of the model by deploying in successive waves
    • Implementation of a change conduct plan and incremental continuous improvement

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