Pagamon contributed to the review of the design of a training course for operational staff in Systems Engineering methods for the R&D of an automobile manufacturer

Project outline

    • In the context of improving the performance of Engineering, the deployment of Systems Engineering methods is considered one of the strategic objectives for the client.
    • The mission is to develop training modules, that is to say, contribute to educational engineering and produce training materials.

Project approach

    • Based on the analysis of feedback from past sessions, estimation of the maturity of existing training materials and formulation of recommendations in terms of presentation and content
    • Redesign of the modules while ensuring overall consistency of messages and systematically promoting interactivity, in order to make the content more digestible and allow facilitators to capitalize on the concerns of those involved in System Engineering


    • Overall review of the documentary structure of the training course
    • Production of training materials: presentation, case studies, exercises on the “Basic principles”, “Requirements engineering”, “Systems architecture” and “Systems validation” modules
    • Rewriting of a summary on the Validation of Systems within the process

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