Roll-out of an international repository

Project Outline

  • Management wishes to build a unique repository describing its dealers’ network to improve the quality of the network description shared among several IT applications, and optimize the productivity of local and central administrators; while knowing this the project has changed hands and involves many stakeholders (possibility of project knowledge loss)


Project Approach

  • Support countries during the roll-out of the new IS standardized tools
  • Project management at global level in to respect deadlines (PMO)



  • Standard administrator guide
  • Rules for data migration
  • Repository administration processes
  • Assignment sheet for all user / administrator profiles
  • Standard presentation of the DMD roll-out project with a coaching file per country
  • Management rules including related application requirements
  • Support to the 8 major countries during the roll-out of the IS tool: Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Morocco and Algeria.
  • Industrialization of roll-out projects to boost the rate, from 5 countries p.a. (2014) to 12 (2015): standard calendar, method for quality analysis of existing reference data, good practices for roll-out incorporating feedbacks from initial countries

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