To shape the new department, Pagamon led a workshop for the Leadership team of Medical Affairs

Project outline

The chief of staff of the Medical Affairs department is organizing a Leadership Team workshop to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each, improve interactions and internal modus operandi, in order to achieve operational excellence.


Project approach

    • Preliminary interviews with the 12 participants
    • Consolidation of the interviews in a preparatory document:
      1. A RACI explaining the roles and responsibilities for the various activities of medical affairs
      2. Expectations and difficulties experienced between functions
      3. Difficulties experienced in current working methods
    • Animation of the workshop: presentation of the summary of the interviews, facilitation of plenary and sub-group sessions
    • Consolidation of results


    • A RACI validated by the Leadership team of medical affairs

    • 40 improvements and opportunities identified

    • 23 dedicated actions on the main “pain points”

    • Reciprocal commitments and towards the teams, signed by the participant

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