Improvement of the omnicanal customer experience – 3 years – 32 countries

Project outline

  • Customers are more and more autonomous and demanding, customer experience becomes essential in the buying process
  • The stakes are to reduce the role of the product in the commercial performance, which is a big change for an industrial player with an industrial culture where the product have always been the prevailing element

Project approach

  • Assessment of the current experience delivered to the customer– and identification of the main pain points for each countries, for each brand and for each type of customers (Individual, Professional and second hand market)
  • Rebuild of the customer experience by starting from needs and emotions of the customer, and putting aside the internal constraints and silos with creation with customer experience growth drivers in order to help the different directions (Network, CRM, digital, Call Center and IT). The final objective is to implement these different solutions with them.
  • Organization and monitoring of the deployment of these drivers in the different subisdiaries of the group with a customized approach
  • Monitoring the correct implementation of this action plan


  • Construction of a customer journey and a customer experience adapted to the brand identity
  • Creation of an Omni canal tool box in order to improve customer experience
  • Construction of global and specific action plans for each subsidiary
  • Coordination with all on going projects and specifically IT projects
  • Initiation of projects with the objective to deliver the culture of « customer » in the company

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