Pagamon supported an automotive manufacturer to rebuild its customers’ experience and to deploy it worldwide

Project outline

  • Customers are more and more autonomous and demanding, customer experience becomes essential in the buying process
  • The stakes are to reduce the role of the product in the commercial performance, which is a big change for an industrial player with an industrial culture where the product have always been the prevailing element

Project approach

  • Assessment of the current experience delivered to the customer through qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Rebuild of the customer experience by starting from needs and emotions of the customer, and putting aside the internal constraints and silos
  • Setting up of an action plan, meshing deep changes with quick wins
  • Organization and monitoring of the deployment of these drivers in the different subsidiaries of the group with a customized approach
  • Monitoring the correct implementation of this action plan


  • Toolbox available for every country
  • Deployment of actions plans in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • Results measure in NCBS, IACS and VoC surveys

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