Pagamon realized the revision of Used Cars methods designed 10 years ago in the Automotive sector

Project outline

The Used Car Customer Department wishes to revise its methods designed 10 years ago. Those methods exist on 3 different databases and they need to be updated particularly with progress on digital, CRM and call-centers.


Project approach

  • Reunification of UC methods spread onto 3 different databases in one database
  • Rank of those methods in 4 modules: sourcing, selling, management sourcing and management selling; division in 3 maturity levels; analysis on 5 channels: network, digital, CRM, people and call-center
  • Creation of Moments of Truth and essentials linked those methods
  • Creation of a diagnostic questionnaire to estimate the maturity level in each country, where those methods are led to be deployed


  • Revision of the internal reference tool for UC methods to store the new UC methods modules, the diagnostic questionnaire, the associated tools and a glossary
  • Brainstorming and proposition for the implementation of an internal tool specific to UC in order to follow the methods roll-out in countries (action plans, diagnostic questionnaire, KPIs following, monthly meetings deliveries, deliverables and UC methods roll-out roadmap per country)

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