Pagamon intervened in the reorganization of an automotive engineering, aiming in particular to outsource non-core business activities

Project outline

  • The increasing number of stringent emission standards, coupled with increased vehicle complexity, is leading to a significant increase in the workload for the control of new engines
  • A small part of the activity is subcontracted to specialist suppliers, with a high level of follow-up
  • The goal is to contain the internal workload while minimizing the risks of supply disruption


Project approach

  • Prior diagnosis on the management of specialist suppliers: SWOT with teams, review of existing processes and action plans, comparative benchmarking of Renault & Nissan organizations
  • Series of workshops with the key actors of the department in order to:
    • identify internal improvement levers
    • define alternative scenarios of client / supplier operation
    • evaluate the benefit / risk ratio and quantify the cost of the target scenarios
  • Validation of target scenarios during pilot projects



  • Redefinition of core business / non-core business activities and associated skills development plan
  • Standardization and digitization of information transfer to suppliers (supplier portal, framework contract, standardized documentation…)
  • Improve the client / supplier workload balance, especially with the most mature suppliers, with more upstream cooperation and delegation

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