Pagamon helped an automotive manufacturer to improve the design and manufacturing quality for its vehicles

Project outline

  • An observation: too many defaults in the line output for vehicles, with grounds in the Manufacturing,  Process engineering and Product engineering
  • The client whises to launch a transversal program (more than 7 departments) to design and manufacture « Right First Time »


Project approach

  • Project framing (interviews, workshops et 2 seminars with more than 60 attendees): situation analysis about existing workshops, no-managed improvement needs, issues with interfaces between departments
  • Building of a dashboard with operational KPIs
  • Implementation of a management plan (2 000 people concerned)
  • Launch of 15 working groups and 2 core teams
  • Communication: creation of videos (street interviews and interviews) and creation of a community thanks to the Yammer tool



Program launched with an impact on:

  • Defaults management in the line output for vehicles and modifications after design
  • Managerial practices and engineering mindset to manufacture « Right the First Time »

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