Pagamon has restructured the project management practices for global engineering in the Life Sciences sector

Project outline

  • The client wishes to align the Engineering’s practises, which has a wide typology of subjects
  • The technical maturity and the development advancement are not assessed throughout the project and the decision process between project team, management and clients is unclear


Project approach

  • Definition of the program/project approach with clear interfaces
  • Clarification of the development scheme of manufacturing processes
  • Formalisation of the decision process and of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder
  • Set-up of a clear view of what is expected at each validation milestones



  • Reduction of the number of topics to two types: program and project
  • Generalization of flexible use of milestones during the project cycle
  • Simplification of the Quality Management System at the project start and for the transition from program to project
  • Improvement of the decision making through the redefinition of the project team structure and of the decision mode

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