Pagamon has driven the recast of a supply chain referential website, which is a sensitive and much-publicized endeavor

Project outline

  • The client wishes to improve the Supply-Chain referential, whose whole structure needed updating, and which suffered from having too many docs and not being used consistently
  • The project had been on stand-by for over a year before Pagamon intervened


Project approach

  • Restart of the project, which required getting operations on board for heavy work
  • Analysis of how the docs of the referential were used, analysis of jobs and functions
  • Creating consensus on sensitive issues : how responsibilities would be shared, what the new functions would be, and the creation of a new website
  • Reorganizing processes within the referential, writing documents describing the Supply chain’s functions



  • Alignment of the supply chain referential, which was not always used and not always up-to-date
  • Launch of a new website
  • Decrease of the number of documents in the referential

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