Pagamon has accompanied a car manufacturer in the design and deployment of transverse change management process for several ranges of vechiles, both in series and in development

Project outline

  • The client has implemented an efficient and robust modification process within each vehicle range
  • The development logic in platforms and modules greatly increases the rate of common parts
  • The change management process in place is too cumbersome and burdensome for these common parts


Project approach

  • Analysis of all past changes by range and by nature (cost reduction, quality, product evolution…)
  • Creation and facilitation of a working group (engineering, quality, purchasing, SC) to define the new decision process for multi-range modifications (15 to 20 per month) and associated governance:
    – Management by the function (vs. management by the project for non-transversal modifications)
    – Possibility for a project to appeal the decision to the higher level and within 15 days
    – Application of synchronized changes in all plants with the support of the Supply Chain function
  • Recommendations on the evolution of the change management tool: on-line transversality diagnosis, automation of the workflow, creation of direct links with the company’s bill of material…



  • Process deployed on 2/3 of the engineering functions, which allows to process the vast majority of the requests expressed (more than 100 modifications treated in 1 year)
  • Modification file reviewed and corrected in order to integrate aspects related to multi-range transversality
  • Updated change management tool avoids a large number of manual operations and controls
  • All in all, thanks to these actions: workload divided by 5 to 10 to handle multi-range changes

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