Pagamon designed and implemented a worldwide simplification program aiming at improving employee experience

Project outline

  • In order to improve Hay survey results measuring different factors of employee experience, the client decided to set up a worldwide simplification plan, based on 3 pillars: explain and get acceptance of irreducible complexity, eradicate the unnecessary complication, put the employees in motion

Project approach

  • Construction and definition of employee journey based of employee/company touchpoints
  • Identification of irritating factors (impacting daily life of employees) and target experience
  • Mobilization of support functions to set up simplification actions
  • Follow-up of achievements in order to reach target (80% of identified irritating factors)
  • Communication on simplification actions and highlight of pilots
  • Worldwide deployment of the program: design of methodologies, training of local transversal teams, regular follow-up of main countries and alignment on shares KPIs


  • Resolution target reached
  • Launch of priority projects (Intranet, business trip workflow, meetings efficiency…)
  • Easy, visual employee journey to be used to get irritating factors
  • Worldwide deployment methodology / creation of a simplification  ecosystem
  • Communication website and other communication relays

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