Pagamon supervised small pilots (so-called PoC) to experiment new agile ways of working within component teams

Project outline

    • The client started an agile transformation of the entire company. The group wanted to study the feasibility and the impact of such a transformation within worldwide Engineering division, especially its vehicle development logic.
    • Prior to conduct a holistic transformation, the Engineering division would like to assess opportunities leveraged by agile ways of working on a reduced scope. To do so, small pilots (PoC) were launched across several projects and different vehicle perimeters. This mission encompassed the supervision of 2 pilots into an electric car into early development phase.

Project approach

    • Set-up of agile pilots to test and update the operating model
    • Contextualization of Scrum & Kanban agile routines and artefacts
    • Coaching of team members on the benefits of these cultural changes
    • Implementation of synchronization touchpoints to mitigate interdependencies between agile and non-agile units
    • Introduction of continuous improvement logic through regular team retrospective and customer feedbacks
    • Redefinition of target operating model based on pilots’ best practices and major constraints to the deployment of agile mode at scale
    • Animation of a community of general managers/VPs to pushed forward the agile transformation of entire vehicle development value chain


    • Positive outcomes regarding cultural mindset changes of all team members
    • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of operating in agile mode within development teams.
    • Adaptation of Scrum/Kanban methodologies to better fit components teams
    • Comprehensive return on experience presented to Chief Transformation Officer of vehicle development
    • Recommendations given for the deployment of agility at scale onto an entire vehicle in development phase

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