Pagamon supported the scoping squad and realized the framing document of the utility vehicle development model using agile

Project outline

    • The client group started an agile transformation of the entire company. They wanted to study the feasibility and the impact of such a transformation on a major vehicle project (400 people concerned on the development phase for an entry ticket of an amount higher than €1Bn)

Project approach

    • Organization of the squad framing: Pagamon drove the squad framing by structuring weekly workshops and by guiding task forces
    • Participation in the task forces: Pagamon took part in cross-functional reflections brought by the directors of the client company.
    • Formulation of the final framing folder: Pagamon formalized the final conclusions of the adapted agile development model which has been presented to the members of the Executive Committee


    • Restitution of the framing document presented to members of the executive committee
    • Launch of the project in agile mode
    • Recommendations given for the deployment phase

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