For a car manufacturer, Pagamon analyzed vehicle development costs in order to contribute to their optimization

Project outline

  • Diversification of the range requires increased rationalization of development costs
  • The client wants to estimate finely and analyze the various development costs associated with its vehicles in order to find areas for improvement


Project approach

  • Analysis of data on all the vehicle development items (engineering entry ticket, supplier entry ticket, prototype costs, tooling purchasing costs, etc.)
  • Comparison with internal benchmarks (past developments) and gap identification
  • Analysis of these gaps and optimization proposals
  • Organization analysis related to costing and monitoring of development costs (cost control)
  • Synthesis of improvement proposals (tools and organization) to improve cost estimation and monitoring of variations



  • Optimization of development costs, in particular: rationalization, pooling, digitization, review of product requirements, complexity and diversity
  • Improved cost estimation and change tracking: process redesign, cost driver upgrade, complexity consideration

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