Pagamon supported and coordinated the digital transformation of an automotive engineering department

Project outline


  • In a context of product (autonomy, connectivity) and business model transformation (car sharing, management and resale of data), the client launches a major digitalization program aimed at capturing new business, improving its performance and reducing its costs
  • In this context, the engineering department develops its own digital transformation plan

Project approach

  • As part of an “Employee-Centric” project, identification of key engineering populations, and interviews with these populations in order to capture the difficulties / needs related to digital
  • Management of the digital project portfolio, presentations to the steering committee and to top management
  • Preparation and animation of monthly decision bodies steering the global digital strategy of engineering
  • Establishment and animation of digital plan management bodies within the regional development centers: alignment of strategies between Corporate and Regions, preparation for handover of digital projects to the Regions, sharing of digital good practices
  • Framing, prioritizing, piloting initiatives promoting digital culture: internal communication, training (data, agility), ideation workshops, learning expeditions, internal network of “Digital Makers”, intrapreneurship


  • Framing files for the launch of new digital initiatives: RPA, development of collaborative applications, sharing of digital good practices
  • Establishment of a process to monitor the Value delivered by the digital projects, Prioritized portfolio
  • Establishment of Corporate and inter-Regions decision-making bodies, of a “Digital Makers“ network
  • Communication material on digital initiatives for top management

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