Customer Satisfaction – Customer Journey – Coaching Customer Mindset

Project Outline

  • Design, creation, test, and deployment of a coaching solution destinated to the 15% less peforming dealers in term of customer satisfaction
  • Objective : develop and deeply anchor a customer centric mindset toward every members of a dealership, fighting against limiting beliefs and presupposed


Project Approach

  • Definition of the objectives and key requirements for the target coaching offer
  • Creation of a methodology and a work planning with a dedicated multi-department taskforce (Customer experience department, Renault Academy, Renault Retail Group, Acemis)
  • Writing of a call for tenders and selection of an external coaching master producer
  • Steering committee planning, working sessions, and operational follow-up on deliverables
  • Selection and follow-up of a pilot to test the coaching (1 dealership in France / 6 months)
  • Support the deployment of the solution in subsidiaries
  • Communication on stakes, objectives, and outcomes of the project



  • Sending the coaching master to the translation provider on schedule to start the coaching transfer at the end of June 2019
  • Positive feedback from the coaching pilot
  • Validation of the coaching launch in 10 countries in 4 regions during the first deployment phase (S2 2019)

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