Pagamon supported and coordinated a creation program of a Private Lease fully digital offer in Europe

Project outline

  • The customer wanted to develop and put in place a fully digital offer for its private lease service in the main European countries. All Renault’s main managers on both corporate and local scales have been implicated in this project.$
  • Pagamon participated to the coordination and animation of cross-functional workshops in order to build the offer with 4 working groups: value proposition, customer journey, business organization and organization case

Project approach

  • Workshops organization and animation: Pagamon helped the customer to organize and to anime the 4 cross-functional teams, by synthetizing and analyzing the content and the results of each workshops. Pagamon also supported the working groups for them to be organized on an efficient and lasting way.
  • Feasibility analysis: between the workshops, Pagamon has done multiple researches and studies to determine if the proposed solution were doable or not in a tight time-to-market. The digital user journey allows to identify two pain points to solve: how the platform could be both global for every country and to adapt it locally.  Furthermore Pagamon supported its client in the definition of a new business organization.
  • Market analysis and customers’ identification. Pagamon went through an important work of researches and analysis in order to identify the market’s opportunities and the customers’ expectations. This analysis influenced the project management and the acceleration of the offers’ development.


  • Finale deliverable for the administrative board with Pagamon results and recommendations
  • Successful coordination and animation of the working groups
  • Market studies and customers’ insights
  • Organization and roadmap for the project’s implementation

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