Pagamon supported a major actor of the digital communication sector as part of the client’s transformation plan of their commercial organization

Project outline


  • Following the transition from a monopolistic situation to a more competitive environment and following the evolution  from selling a product to selling a service, the client leads a transformation programs of their commercial organization.
  • As part of this transformation, the client requests a benchmark of the commercial organization models in the BtoB sector.

Project approach

  • Targeting of traditional firms of the BtoB sector that face similar issues and validation with the client
  • Identification with the client of the themes to focus on and writing of an interview guide
  • Benchmark of the commercial organizations of digital start-ups
  • Inventory of the trends, best practices and the pitfalls to avoid during a transformation program of the commercial organization
  • Proposal for an organization target model


  • Models of the selling ecosystems  
  • Mapping of the roles and responsibilities of the different actors of the selling ecosystem according to the steps of the selling process
  • Matrix of the commercial handling (intensity and channels) according to the client segmentation.
  • Compensation models

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