Digital Transformation & Big data

Just like the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the digital transformation of companies is upsetting our society. It refers to all the processes that allow companies to integrate all available digital technologies into their business.

In this digital transformation, Big Data allows a company to access an infinity of data on their customers: comments, videos, social networks, sites consulted, …. So digital is not just the way we market a product or service but the business as a whole. Becoming a digital company means using smart data strategies to cleverly process this data and put the customer at the heart of the business.

To fully enter this digital transformation, the company needs to rethink its strategy by focusing on the human and collaborative work: share knowledge and skills to increase performance. With reverse mentoring strategies, the company is teaching digital generations how to adapt their business to this digital revolution.

Here are some important points for us:


Re-adapt the strategy to digital:

  • Open up partnerships to complete missing databases or join forces to take advantage of highly targeted expertise
  • Support the internal digital transformation of the company
  • Create a digital strategy adapted to the objectives of the company and its level of maturity

Moving towards a Digital Mindset corporate culture:

  • Perform a collaborative and transversal work: be data-driven
  • Explore Smart Data and Big Data Data sources
  • Explore different analytical tools
  • Adapt and consolidate business processes by clarifying the role of data

Digitize your organization:

  • Make a diagnosis to see if the organization can adapt to this digitization: the organization must understand the interest of digital and get a taste
  • Break the classic vertical organization to switch to a more horizontal organization centered around data
  • Create value by adapting to changes in the environment, adapting to unforeseen circumstances and converging energies towards the customer

Acquire the skills necessary for the digitalization:

  • Getting out of your comfort zone: knowing how to transform yourself before others
  • Learn about technological know-how by generation X or Y
  • Integrate the evolution and the emergence of new professions:Community Manager, Chief Data Officer, …
  • Promote the use of social media, social network of the company, …
  • Knowing how to evolve in an agile world




  • Pagamon Ignition Program: dedicated methodology to foster team creativity and generate ideas
  • Definition of business expectations and pain points
  • Creation of a digital strategy adapted to the objectives of the company
  • Identification of levers to be operated
  • Project model identification
  • Exposure of scenarios to the client
  • Monitoring the development of the solution by talking about the risks / bugs / delays



  • Deployment kits made-to-measure
  • Mastery of the different indicators of results measurement
  • Method of accompanying change
  • Mastery of the different indicators of results measurement
  • Rigorous analysis of project KPI gaps
  • Sustainability model of the approach
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