Digital Transformation & Big data

Digital Transformation refers to all activities to be adapted, in order to integrate all innovative digital technologies to the company to make it more competitive and/or more performant.

« Big Data » projects ensure that a company derives value from access to data that is large (Big), specific (Small), valuable (Smart), whatever its format (documents, videos, social network comments, digital files...) or its structure (structured, unstructured).

By integrating these two complementary approaches, the company is fully into data transformation, enabled to define more ambitious objectives.

What does Data Transformation provide ?
  • To give a vision to identify new opportunities, by positioning on new services or new activities
  • Facilitate interactions to improve performance by making processes more fluid and/or adapting collaboration modes
  • Activate the data to improve knowledge through the acquisition of relevant data and better management of processing, analyses and algorithms

Transformation is all about getting out of your comfort zone and thinking "out of the box".

Opening up to new horizons
  • Identifying new goals that innovative technologies make achievable
  • Anticipating trend
Acquire a "data-driven" culture
  • Promote the transfer of information and Customers / Employees / Partners expertises
Revisiting your operations
  • Promoting cross-functionality and collaborative work
  • Developing Agile Organizations
Building up skills
  • Develop and take advantage of new occupations: Data Scientist, Software Developers...
Master the data and their processing
  • To identify the opportunities of new technologies
  • To know the heritage of data and make it accessible
  • To comply with regulations, develop methods and identify best practices

Our approach to Data Transformation covers two paths

  • Digital Transformation Strategy & Big Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Mobilization
  • Best practices
  • Diagnosis / Maturity
  • Collection and analysis of needs
  • Valorisation of the transformation
  • Transformation plan and implementation

Our value proposition : reducing the uncertainty of your Data Transformation

  • Support in the development of a digital strategy adapted to the company's ambitions
  • With the teams, joint development of a roadmap adapted to your needs and your level of  "Data maturity"
  • Coordination of projects in "Agile", anticipating your impacts, controlling your risks
  • Alignment of the definitions of the new occupations that have emerged with digital technology and methodological input when identifying/securing these key positions.
  • Constant reminder of best practices in data governance, data management and tools, adapted to your "Data Transformation" stages

Pagamon is an active member of the Healthcare Data Institute (HDI) Think Tank. Founded in November 2014, the Healthcare Data Institute is an international think tank dedicated to Big Data in the healthcare sector.